Welcome to the first of the Ember months. We’re glad you made it!

May God and man remEMBER you for good this month, in Jesus name.

May you not witness the evil rumored around the EMBER months in Jesus name.

May you bring forth your dreams this 9th month in Jesus name.

The year is coming to an end, may you see the end of it in Jesus name.

Remember also to sincerely ask yourself if you’ve achieved most, if not all your plans for this year. If you haven’t, you have work to do before the year runs out. Don’t carry over.


Good morning Champs!

Welcome to another working week.

We’ve gotten this quote to help you be your best today, this week and always. #BEINSPIRED by the #LQT.

Have a great day and week leading!eleanor-roosevelt-quote

Who are you?



Hi Champs.
Welcome to another beautiful working week
‪The #‎LQT:
Inspire people this week and get inspired as you inspire. The more you inspire, the more you get inspired.
Have a great day and week leading.



Here are some movie trailers from latest (2016), incredible movies to choose from and go watch at the cinema. It’s the least we can do to help you relax from all the week’s work. Enjoy!

There’s more from where those came from. Watch this space


Hey friends, guess the new place in Lagos and possibly Nigeria to meet old friends or acquaintances and make new ones? The PETROL STATION. No kidding. As hilarious as it may sound, I’ve witnessed it many times. I began noticing it when the fuel scarcity issue increased towards the end of the Jonathan administration.
There are two occasions I can readily remember of old friends or acquaintances reuniting:
A woman who was on the same queue as me was tapped by a man. Then she exclaimed, “Ahhh! How are you? Long time!” Apparently, they had known each other since school (I am unaware what stage of school).
Another time, I met a senior of mine back in secondary school.
Apart from old friends reuniting, people also make new friends, which mostly starts with a discussion, fuel scarcity being the introductory topic. So, the discussion begins. They begin talking about PMB, then go on to petroleum companies, then the filling station they’re at. Then on to corruption and on and on and on, till a friend is made (or more).
Now, while this might be funny, it’s also very sad, that rather than Nigerians go to work, relax during the weekend or even go to Church or Mosque on their respective day(s) of worship, they spend most of their time at the filling station. Most times, even hopping from one to the other.
Well, all I can say is, #NigeriaIsChangingForGood. I say an ‘Amen’ that.
Thanks for reading. Do pass this on.
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