Welcome to the first of the Ember months. We’re glad you made it!

May God and man remEMBER you for good this month, in Jesus name.

May you not witness the evil rumored around the EMBER months in Jesus name.

May you bring forth your dreams this 9th month in Jesus name.

The year is coming to an end, may you see the end of it in Jesus name.

Remember also to sincerely ask yourself if you’ve achieved most, if not all your plans for this year. If you haven’t, you have work to do before the year runs out. Don’t carry over.


Image result for move forward quotesHello Champs.

Welcome to another pleasant day.

The #LQT (Leadership Quote Today):

We all make mistakes. What we make of those mistakes is what’ll determine if we’ve learned from them or not.

Don’t focus on that mistake. Focus on not making that mistake a seconf time.

Have a great day leading.

Watch this space for more posts today.