HELLO-AUGUAT-GIF1It’s Monday and it’s a new month! Welcome to August, dear friend!

How fortunate you are to have made it into this new month.

7 down, 4 more to walkover.

As is our practice at the beginning of every month and subsequent days in every month, we are again encouraging you to keep your resolutions. The year you might have thought won’t go so fast, thinking you had well enough time to achieve your resolutions, is nearly over. We therefore implore you not to carry over any resolution you can and should do this year to 2017. If you need help in keeping to/achieving your resolutions, we’ve published several posts for that purpose, just for you. Click here and make your pick.

We wish you a wonderful, positively impactful, exciting, marvellous, adventurous, successful and victorious August.

God bless you.



We seize this moment to thank our followers, well-wishers, those who participated in the games, Madeeda, Champions’ Meal and everyone who made our #3rdYearBlogaversary a success yesterday. We’re really honoured by your love and support. Words cannot express our feeling within. We’re indeed grateful.

We sincerely hope and pray to serve you better this new year we’ve clocked. We therefore would love to know what suggestions, questions and more you have for us. Kindly drop them below this post or on any of our social media platforms (click here)

Thanks again.

God bless.