1. Marsha Wright – TV Business Expert at BBC, Author of #1 Bestselling Book – Secret Collaborative Economy and #1 Authority on Strategic Alliances – voluntarily endorsed ROC, putting him on two lists – ‘Social Writers To Watch’ and ‘Thriving Ppl 2 Follow ASAP’.
  2. Niume – The world’s first ‘Collaborative Blogging Platform’ – voluntarily endorsed ROC, enlisting them on the ‘Fast Rising Bloggers’ list.
  3. SQ Magazine – UK’s leading independent youth culture publication – voluntarily endorsed ROC and Champions’ Meal, putting us on two lists respectively: ‘Fab Bloggers’ (a selection of fabulous bloggers they read) and ‘Spectacular Writers‘ (a selection of spectacular writers).
  4. SteveIQ YouTuber added Champions’ Meal to the list of ‘Top Bloggers On Twitter-3‘.
  5. James Garside added Champions’ Meal to ‘Writerly‘.
  6. Tondo – A popular social network for the art world – added Champions’ Meal to the ‘First-class Writers‘ and
  7. JobTrending added Champions’ Meal to the ‘Solutions‘ list.
  8. “Raphael, it’s a wonderful thing you’re doing. We love to see young people making great strides.” Nigerian Leadership Institute (NLI)
  9. “Fisayo, we commend your passion for writing.” Kingsley Okeke (Editor, African Leadership Magazine, UK)
  10. “Raphael, you’re doing something wonderful at such a young age.” Richard (Radio Presenter/Broadcaster, TVC).
  11. “I’ve interviewed many young people, but none your age and older have been this passionate about leadership.” Bukunmi Ariyo (TVC/On The Street).
  12. “This blog is different from other blogs. What you have nowadays are entertainment blog. You hardly find leadership blogs, not to mention a youth creating one. This blog broad – it goes beyond leadership; it’s entertaining as well, but they combine with everything. How AWESOME!” Tomi Yinka-Greg  (Whatsapp)
  13. “Your quotes inspire me. You make life feel so easy.” Tonye Goerge (Facebook)
  14. “Your quotes inspire me.” Debby Felix (Facebook)
  15. “Fisayo, you are a man with a mission” Dianne (LinkedIn)

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