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Champions’ Meal Blog (CMB) is an internationally recognized leadership blog, also positioned as ‘Nigeria’s Most Dynamic Leadership Blog’. Our versatility in various ways differentiates us from other Nigerian leadership blogs.

CMB led to the emergence of Champions’ Meal (www.championsmeal.com) – a multi-faceted Virtual Leadership Organization (aka VirLO) involved in leadership training, publishing, graphics design, video editing etc.

Since inception in 2013, CMB has consistently propagated the inculcation of leadership values among youths. We ask, “Why should ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ be political thugs, terrorists, kidnappers or drug-addicts of today?” We are bent on creating a world where youths will be given huge responsibilities, their competence not doubted.

We run with a tripartite focus:

  1. Promoting leadership values among Nigerian youths.
  2. Enlightening people that we are all created to be champions.
  3. Correcting our flaws.

These three are aimed at bringing out the “Winner’s Inner Stuffer” in us.

For a fact, today, we have over 5,000 hits and counting, over 600 followers and over 15 endorsements from reputable individuals and organizations. Majority visit our blog to feast on our different delicacies of leadership materials like our everyday-leadership quotes – Leadership Quote Today (LQT), leadership posts, leadership videos etc.

CMB was founded by ROC (Raphael Olufisayo Champion) Akomolede, Africa’s Youngest Leadership Blogger (2015/16), Chief Executive, Champions’ Meal, leadership coach etc. ROC was appalled by the level of decadence exuding from teens and youths, and took it upon himself to salvage the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’. Since he turned 17, he has been active in leadership activities which have earned him numerous commendations and endorsements from prominent individuals like Marsha Wright, and thriving organizations like Leadership Newspaper and Nuime Official. You can find his story here.

We have a unique style of operation that totally differentiates us from most local and international leadership blogs. We have imbibed the popular saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, as our principle. We do not just serve leadership materials, but also relaxation materials like movies, documentaries, cartoons etc. on our Media page (www.championsmb.wordpress.com/media). This in no way compromises our mission, because we have not made it a higher priority. Rather, we have balanced it with leadership. So, as long as it is clean, inspirational and educational, you will find it on CMB.

Another side of CMB that distinguishes it from the rest is our one-of-a-kind Guest Column, where young talented writers pen their thoughts on different topics of their choice in accordance with our house style. This is one way we encourage talent.

We see leadership as a journey, not a destination, which is why we won’t relent in encouraging leadership values especially in Nigerian youths.

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