6 ways to know you’ve been switched by aliens

Inspirations by Elozino

It’s been 7 months since I kissed my comfy couch bye-bye and sometimes I wonder what happened to the old sleep-loving-lethargic-me. The only plausible solution is that I must have been unknowingly abducted by aliens, cloned and switched so that no one would notice.

On the surface it’s Elozino alright, but there are just some weird things going on below the surface that can only be attributed to my clone theory. So, I’m sharing my top 6 ways to know if you have been switched;

1. You think that running in the rain is cool;   40% sweat / 60% rain / 100% alien

2. You opt for a near 2 hour walk instead of getting a ride home: Ask me why?, just because ………

3. The first item that goes into your bags on a business trip are your running shoes

4. Getting a new pair of running shoes is like Christmas coming early


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