Hey everyone.

As you know, the first month of the second quarter of the year is over.

This question came to mind yesterday: What’s up with those resolutions? Then, I began examining me, to know truly, truly, how many of my 2016 plans I have achieved. When I was done examining myself, I felt it’ll be unkind of me not to put the same question out: What’s up with those resolutions?

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, research has shown it’s during this time of the year or a month before, that the fervency in keeping New Year’s resolutions begins to fade out, if not already faded out.

Now, I’m sure some of you reading this (if not most) have come across and applied several theories for keeping New Year’s resolutions. Meaning the problem with keeping New Year’s resolutions isn’t lack of access to helpful materials, rather, it’s not committedly following those materials.

I’ve noticed that people have almost or exactly the same resolutions every year. Why is this? It’s cause they have carry-over resolutions. Permit me to say they’ll continue having such every year, till they consciously and decidedly achieve those recurring resolutions. There’s one thing I tell people, “Until you learn what you should, when you should, life has no choice but to continue teaching you.” (You can find more about how learning leads, by downloading my leadership book – LEONARD Leads – here). So, the solution is to go back to those plans or resolutions and stay on them till you achieve them. That’s where those materials for keeping resolutions come in handy and you can find some here. You can use them to stay on course with your resolutions.

I’ll like to say to you who’s thinking of dropping that plan or resolution because you’ve not seen immediate and/or positive change(s), please don’t. Or perhaps you’ve already dropped it, please revisit it and work on it till fulfillment. To you who has dropped one plan or resolution to pick up a new one, because you lost interest in the previous one, please look at that plan you lost interest in and see why you lost interest in it. Also, to you who has dropped a plan or resolution because you don’t have people around you to motivate you, believe me when I say, “You can motivate yourself”. I’m a living testimony – you can also find my story and experiences in my book.

In conclusion, I’ll like you to constantly remind yourself of this quote: “If you’ve never felt like giving up, then your dream isn’t big enough”. So, if you know your dreams, plans or resolutions are big enough and important to you and you feel like giving up, that’s all the more reason and enough evidence to keep going.

I hope this has helped encourage and inspire someone. All the best with your plans and/or resolutions. Do share this. Thanks.


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