How We Are Enslaved and are Taught to Enslave Ourselves


Fotosearch_k17282832 (1) Image: mrdoggs

I was reading an article on human trafficking yesterday and realized something.  Throughout history one of the techniques that has been used to bring human beings under control and to keep people enslaved is to create an environment in which a person fears their own thoughts and feelings.  Historically this has been done by either convincing the person of a potential punishment that is promised to befall them if they should have certain thoughts or feelings.  And/or to actually inflict punishment/torture if a person shows any indication of thinking or acting independently contrary to what is desired.  In such a situation a person is going to learn to fear the impulses that come via their inherent survival orientation.  Cruel and inhuman?  You bet.

This training to mistrust or, as I’m writing about here to fear, our emotions, what our mind tells us, our intuition, extends to…

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