Okay champs! Here are the solutions to hindrances in keeping New year’s resolutions. As you can see from the topic, I’ve decided to tag them ‘Leadership Tactics’, because indeed, that’s what they are and given that we are all leaders, all the better. Do enjoy and learn.

  1. Unrealistic goals:

Many times, unrealistic goals are majorly as a result of two things:

  • In a hurry to achieve that set goal
  • Not looking at all angles of a goal or plan want to make, so as to work around your findings

I’ll proffer solutions to both:

  • Hurry to achieve that set goal

You’re definitely in a hurry because you want to achieve that goal quickly. When you rush to do things, you do them shoddily (lacking excellence). Why make an unrealistic plan, when it can’t and won’t be achieved? No matter how much you tell yourself you can, it’s impossible because everything has a particular time and you’ve changed the time for that plan. It’s like taking a fish from water and expecting it to live on dry land. Do you know that in following an unrealistic plan, you’ll have to stretch yourself beyond what your body can ordinarily stretch to or handle. So, rather than hurrying to achieve your goals, why not create a more realistic plan, one that wouldn’t over stretch or stress you to achieve. One you’ll be certain of achieving. Yes, you want to see result immediately, you can but not physically. You can see result immediately in your mind. Let that be your motivation.

  • Not looking at all angles of a goal or plan want to make

In planning, research is key, especially when you haven’t made plans in that area before. You need to know what you’re going into, what it’ll require of you in time, energy, money etc, who you’ll need to help you and so on. If you don’t look at all sides of a plan, you’ll get the same result as the person who’s hurrying to achieve his/her goal, which is no achievement. So, the solution is knowing what you want to achieve and how to achieve it.

  1. Busy schedule:

In planning, it’ll be advisable to fix your plan into your schedule, rather than let your schedule fix your plan into it.

When you fix your plan into your schedule, you control your plan and schedule – you can balance and manage things properly. However, when your schedule fixes your plan into it, your schedule controls your plan, time for other things and you find out that you’re very busy to keep up with your plans. So, whatever plans fixed by your schedule, will end up being an unrealistic one.

  1. Laziness:

People are lazy for different reasons, but one common reason is demotivation. As I’ve mentioned earlier, perhaps you don’t see the change you desire, you then get weary, then finally lazy. Take for example someone who wants to lose weight. Also, when you’ll see that an unrealistic plan can make one go lazy in following it.

As I mentioned in the ‘Hindrances in keeping New Year’s resolutions’, “Many times, people make the mistake of combatting procrastination, which is just a co-hindrance to keeping resolutions or plans. The real hindrance is laziness – it festers procrastination. So, rather than deal with foundation of a cause of a New Year resolution zeal-killer, we more often deal with its fruit.” Now, I’m going to take this a bit further. Again, people mistake tiredness for laziness and vice versa. Tiredness results in postponement. Now, here’s another controversial word. You might ask, “What’s the difference between procrastination and postponement?” Well, postponement means “Delaying something till later”. While procrastination means, “The act of postponing, delaying or putting off, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness”. If you check any good dictionary, you wouldn’t see ‘procrastination’ as a synonym of ‘postponement’, because procrastination is a higher and level of postponement.What you can deduct from both words is, in a state of tiredness, you can decide to postpone your plans, understanding that although you want to do them now, you can’t, because you can’t cheat nature. Laziness, on the other hand, is you procrastinating your plans for now, knowing you can do them now, but you don’t want to. However, postponement leads to procrastination when tiredness leads to laziness, which is when you begin using your tiredness as an escape valve to shack your responsibilities. Wisdom tells one to have quality rest, in order to have energy for other things.

My brother is currently writing WASSCE and long before this exam, it has been his practice that whenever he gets home, he washes his uniform, then eats and sleeps. He will sleep till about 11:30 pm or midnight, then he starts reading. He does this because he knows if he’s to read for long at night, he needs to rest after such a long day at school. So, wisdom to prioritize and organize rightly is very key.

In closing, I’ll like to point out something: Did you notice evidences of unrealistic planning in the last two ‘hindrances? Please note that any hindrance in keeping New Year’s resolutions, detactablyor detectable has ‘unrealistic plan’ written all over it. This can negatively affect one. However, the solution is going back to the plan and making it more realistic, as I’ve highlighted.

Well, that’s it champs! Thanks for the company. I hope you gained a number of things. You did? Then, hit the share and/or like buttons.

Stay glued to Nigeria’s Most Dynamic Leadership Blog for more posts today. Have a lovely and restful weekend.



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