Research has shown that, for most people, the zeal to carry out New Year’s resolutions dies down two months into the year or less. I know there are several reasons as to why, of some may not be news to you. Nonetheless, as CMB promised to help you follow and achieve your resolutions and plans, here’s my quota.

I’ve highlighted 4 major hindrances in keeping New Year’s resolutions. These are from personal experiences. After which, I’ll proffer cogent, practiced and evidential solutions. I hope you’ll be enlightened.

  1. Unrealistic goals: It is key you know your limits, that way, you’ll know how to carry and guide yourself. Yes, for Christians, the bible says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Note the word ‘can’). However, it doesn’t mean you should do all things. Also, in the world, we talk about the power of the mind, how it enables us to do anything. Again, it does enable you to do anything, but should you do everything? The one who does everything is clueless and in fact, it is impossible to do everything. So, perhaps while making your plans for the year, you set goals that either weren’t achievable at all or not achievable within the time frame you set for them. I remember a year before I was to turn 16, I made a plan to be the youngest Animator to visit the moon. Now, this was very ambitious and utterly ridiculous, because I hadn’t even researched on what it took to visit the moon. I didn’t have a clear reason for going there – I just wanted fame and to make a name. This was simply a child’s play to me.

You see, there’s a difference between ambition and plan. I’ll talk more about that when given solutions.

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  1. Having New Year’s resolutions has become a norm. Nonetheless, that norm shows that many see the need to have New Year resolutions, whether or not they be genuine. Meaning there’s at least a silent desire for change in many of us, though we hardly admit we like change. So, playing on that ‘silent desire’, maybe you wanted to follow those resolutions through, but along the line you stopped either because you weren’t seeing changes, or you hadn’t the right environment, or you hadn’t someone to encourage you and so on. In short, all those things that prevented you from going on with your plans can be chalked up to lack proper motivation and that’s the second major reason people don’t go through with their resolutions. Motivation is very key for goals especially.

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Few months into when I started blogging, I had to go off for a while, because I was devastated at the poor response I received from the public. People didn’t comment on, like or share any of my posts. This really demotivated me, but I did something… I’ll give more details when giving solutions.

  1. Busy schedule: In Africa especially, we tend to work more than we rest. We work so much, that it affects our health, family, spiritual life, goals and even work. We believe in order to be successful, you must work excessively, which isn’t true. So, maybe throughout the working week, you are busy and you forget you made a resolution, not to over work yourself, but you excuse yourself, saying, “If I don’t work, I won’t eat.” No one is saying you shouldn’t work, work, but not to death. “Health”, they say, “is wealth”. Another case may be, you’ve worked throughout the week and you also made a resolution, to have a quiet time for 30 minutes after all every Saturday, but you find yourself working even on Saturdays. You see, work has a way of growing on you, that you can’t just stop working, because you want success.

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Recently, I had to cut down on my workload, because I noticed it was affecting my social, spiritual life, health and other plans. I noticed I was able to work from about midnight to 3am, yet not able to pray at midnight, as I normally would. I had to reorder things and I have.

  1. Laziness: Now, this is a serious hindrance in keeping New Year’s Resolutions. Most times, it’s a case of “I want to, but I can’t now”. The desire is there, but laziness suppresses whatever desire there is. With laziness, comes procrastination and that breeds lack of achievement.

Let me give you a sneak peek into a solution to this hindrance. Many times, people make the mistake of combatting procrastination, which is just a co-hindrance of the lack to follow through with resolutions or plans. The real hindrance is laziness – it festers procrastination. So, rather than deal with foundation of a cause of a hindrances in Keeping New Year’s Resolutions, we more often deal with its fruit. …

(Picture credit: refe99.com)

In 2015, my elder sister was determined more than ever before to lose weight. She researched on what exercises to do, fruits to take, level of water intake (how many times a day) etc. She really worked on the internet this time, because she was determined. She did her weight-loss table, where she had her different exercise routines and diet menu. She followed her table righteously for long while. Although, for one reason or the other, she didn’t see the change she desired. This really devastated her that she threw in the towel. Fortunately for her, at a point, she got motivated again to restart her weight-loss journey.


Well, that’s it for the hindrances in keeping New Year’s resolutions. By 12:30pm (WAT) today, I’ll be sharing the solutions. Watch this space and our social media platforms for this post, as well as our other updates.

Thanks for reading. I do hope it made an impact. Kindly click the ‘share’ button and spread the knowledge. Thanks.


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