Written by ROCstart-with-why

If you take a close look at Nigeria, you’ll notice that our years of problems outnumber our years of success. Why? It’s simply because we haven’t learned from our mistakes. And as I often say, “What you fail to learn, life continues to teach you.” This I mentioned also in my new leadership book – LEONARD Leads (downloadable on http://www.championsmeal.com/book). I mean, why should a whole country have petrol scarcity so often in a year? If FUEL-0suppliers learned from their mistakes – how hoarding petrol affected the masses the last time – they won’t hoard the product now. It’s become so bad that when the scarcity seems to have died down, people still rush to buy petrol, because they don’t know when next the scarcity will resurface. So, I don’t blame people for causing ‘panic-buy’. If the commodity was constantly available, there’ll be no room for distrust leading to panic-buy. However, just in case the commodity wasn’t available for a certain period, if the concerned authorities promised and kept their word that another scarcity won’t resurface, there will be no distrust leading to panic-buy as well.

In conclusion, to those in authority in Nigeria, be it in government, organisations, institutions etc, please do all possible to #Let9jaMassesEnjoy9ja. Nigerians, let’s get this hash tag trending. Share this post


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