Welcome to March. Sorry it’s coming this late, but better late than never, right? Gradually, the year’s closing up, you know. My goodness, time does fly.

Now, the month of March is very peculiar. It’s the only month that is gives a direct command. You find out that whenever we get into this month, you begin to hear prayers, prophesies, good will messages, acronyms, events, commercials and the like that are directly or indirectly related to marching forward, moving forward, fighting stagnation, military, soldiers, armies etc. More often than not, men of God are usually the ones that use this month as prayer points for their family, congregation and nation, which is good. Today, I’ve carved two acronyms from March. You may have seen different acronyms formed with MARCH, well, you can add these to your list. They are aimed at challenging people to fight, be relentless, hopeful and courageous. These acronyms is for CHAMPIONS! And I know you’re one. So, they definitely are for you this month and beyond.

M – Masters                         M – Much


A – Are                                  A – Accrues to those


R – Ready for                       R – Ready for


C – Challenges                     C – Challenges


H – However they come    H – However they come

So, there you have them. Before going to bed, try saying them as many times as you wish, so as to prepare yourself for the challenges of the next day. Also keep them in mind during the day. For some years now, I’ve constantly had these in mind, even without knowing they could serve as acronyms. So, trust me when I say, “They work”.

Well guys, that’s it. Enjoy your day leading. Remember, as I often say, “Be the leader you’ll be proud to follow.”

What’s up with your New Year Resolutions?


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