cropped-leonard-leads-official-book-cover2.jpg8 days to the launching of #LEONARDLeads. Enjoy some more excerpts from this youth leadership tool-book

“A leader is only a leader because of those he leads. If there was no one to lead, the word ‘leader’ won’t exist.” #LEONARDLeads

“…This financial crisis also affected me. I lost a year in High School and two years that I ought to be in University.” #LEONARDLeads

“…It was in this uncomfortable condition that my siblings and I began composing gospel (rap) songs. We were encouraged to sing on our own issues.” #LEONARDLeads

“One person I respect for his undying enthusiasm, is my father and friend.” #LEONARDLeads

“If you’ve never felt like giving up, then your dream isn’t big enough.” #LEONARDLeads


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