Written by Tinuola Susanna

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Happy New Year in advance friends, foes, sweethearts, families

Always “Happy New Year” after every 12 months

After every 52 weeks

After every 365 days.

It’s always “Happy New Year.”

But is it always a new birth for oneself?

Make merry, be grateful to God

But what did you achieve in the last year?

New Year comes with resolutions

But how many of your resolutions can you stamp fulfilled?

Why make resolutions if we won’t abide by it?

Resolution is a prepared space for a new me in the New Year

It is left for me to occupy the space or not.

What new me do I want to develop?

Is it a bad or good me?

Don’t just write down your resolutions

Make plain strategies to attain those resolutions.

Discipline is also the key after decision making.

After resolutions and strategies have been set,

Thorough self-discipline is needed to adhere to them,

For your resolutions to be achievable.

Resolutions are for self-growth.

Set jubilation aside for a bit

Sit to think, “What did I become in the last year?”

“What have I achieved?”

“What Impact have I made?”

“Did I make best use of the year?”

You developed great ideas and thoughts during the year.

Did you make use of them?

I sat myself down to think if I have done well over the year.

Though I myself didn’t achieve as much as I wanted to,

I remembered I had a pending Idea, which will only suffice as a raw material this year

And will be a finished product in the next year.

Then I knew I had to get to work with the little time I had left in the year.

I can’t afford to have carry-over ideas in the New Year.

I need to give space for new ideas.

We’re hours away from the end of the year,

But, you can still make a difference.



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