We’ve received several inquiries, even up until yesterday, people saying they’re really interested in and want to join the LockDown Design (LDsquare) competition, but they either have never designed, don’t have a computer, laptop or designing gadget, don’t have time etc. Now, we use this medium to address these inquiries:

  1. We restate that no prior artistic or designing knowledge or experience is required to join this Designing Competition.
  2. People who don’t have any designing gadget have asked if they could design on paper and send and we’ve agreed. This competition is majorly a talent-building competition and we don’t want to kill talents. So if that’s what someone can afford now, that’s ok.
  3. If you don’t have time or just don’t feel like joining the competition anyone, we advise you recommend a person or persons and let them join (take them through how to join), but inform them now, because entries close Nov 30th (5 days time) – this date won’t be extended.

We hope we’ve addressed these inquiries surrounding the LDsquare competition. Call +2348060298819 (strictly between 9am & 6pm) or click here for more info.

Thank you.


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