My journey through life has taught me beyond what I could ever have thought I would know. Well, join me as I share my story.

I gained admission into the university. Being my first day in school, I was extremely happy at the fact that I would soon be referred to as an undergraduate, although I had to go all by myself with our illiterate driver – I had no one to follow me. I am the only child in my family and my parents are always busy minding their day-to-day business. Well, it’s no news, I’ve have been used to it. I saw this as an avenue to behave all matured and independent at 16.

np-300x177Getting to the school premises, I was wowed by the beauty of the school premises, beautiful buildings and walk paths. Well, that is just by the way. Now here I had to stand like a lost puppy looking for its mother – I didn’t know where the registration building was, so I had to start walking around with no clue on where to go. I then decided to ask around, looking for a person with a welcoming face. As I started my ‘Gulder Ultimate Search’, I saw a guy sitting all by himself so I decided to try my luck. I greeted him and he looked up with a smiling face. So I laid down my proposal, then he directed me with words. I thanked him and went my way, got my destination and did all I needed to do. As I was preparing to get back to the car, so the driver and I could get home on time, I encountered him again. Then I thanked him, but he was clueless as to what he did. I had to ask, “Don’t you recognise me?” To my shock, he told me, “I’m sorry, I can’t see”. I had to hide my shock. We then introduced ourselves by names. He said he was Kelvin, a year 3 student of physiology. After much pleasantries, we departed.

I finally resumed and met kelvin again. We became friends and I started to like him beyond his disability. He was calm and whenever I offended him he let the situation rest then later tell me. His housemaid taught me how to cook, because I never had the chance of doing that. He could tell my expressions, when I am happy and sad, he could tell my every move, he could tell me about myself more than someone that can actually see. He would drive me to studying hard and to be at the top of my game. He shared the Word with me, rightly dividing them than I could imagine. Though we had our fights, I found a friend, brother, sister, father and mother all in him – ready to give me the best advice and share his experiences with me.

We were friends for a year, then he asked if we can be more than friends, that he wants a relationship. I was shocked and didn’t reply. I later told my friend and she asked me some disturbing questions like: how would you cope with him? Are you ready to sacrifice your time taking care of him? What would people say – you, from a wealthy home with a blind man? What didn’t she ask or say. I was disturbed, but I had grown to like him beyond his disability. I knew he had more than what a normal complete person would possess. He had potentials and he had never let his disability disturb him. He topped his department and faculty. He was an orator and he drew with imagination. He even owned an art gallery – the day he took me to his gallery, I was shocked. I looked beyond his disability and all I could see was his beautiful heart. So, after considering all, I eventually gave him a ‘yes’. We courted for 4 years till I was done with school, though my parents didn’t agreed initially, but later gave their blessings. We are married with kids without any disability.

A Disability isn’t an Inability. Don’t use your disability as an excuse. Show love to those around you, give them a sense of living and the hope of a bright future. Look beyond the physical. Beautiful faces don’t last long, beautiful hearts do.

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