Tinuola’s first Heart Tale this week. Enjoy.

Bisi and I has been friends since year one in the university. We were both ‘roomies’ living off campus. We both had series of relationships, until I met whom I supposed was my last bus-stop. Akin and I started courting when I was in year 3. He was of working class and wealthy to an extent. He took care of my every need, including that of Bisi. I shared my feelings and all of Akin’s kind gesture with her. He always commended Bisi for her hospitality – whenever I was away for lectures, she cared for him like every other friend would. Things went well till my 4th year when Bisi’s attitude changed towards me – she became hostile and would usually get annoyed at every little thing I did, most of which on a regular day won’t ever get her annoyed. We now had regular series of quarrels. In our second semester she moved out of our room and packed to where I knew not. The surprising thing was, about that same period, things went awkward between I and Akin also – he rarely called or checked on me. Whenever we meet and I decide to ask him what’s wrong, he tells me, “I’ve been busy with work”. It got to a point that I had to ask if there was another lady, but he’ll reply, “NO!” emphatically, assuring me I would always be the only one. Eventually, I adapted to the situation.

Things went on and even got worse. I became worried about my all that was going between me and Akin. Bisi also distancing herself from me also got me thinking – she’d avoid me in class. So, I decided to find out what all these was and why.

user-63064146-a279-4226-835a-ad691cb31738I traced Bisi and found out where she lived. To my surprise, she lived in a flat. I knew Bisi to well to know that her parent weren’t so buoyant to rent her a flat and I knew she was is still single. This was too good to be true. So, I hired someone to follow both Akin and Bisi and I got the shocking news of my life – Bisi and Akin were already preparing for their wedding. My mind went blank when I got the news. Still trying to pull myself together, I decided to pay them both a visit on a perfect day I knew they would be together. I paid Bisi a visit at her new flat. From the door, I could hear giggling and a discussion on wedding plans. I knocked. Akin came, opened the door and all he could do was stand and stare at me. Bisi, wondering who it could be that made Akin freeze, came to see for herself and was shocked too. On seeing her, I also was shocked at her big tummy, so evident that she was pregnant. That minute, I wished I had a gun to shoot both of them, but all I could do was to stand there and look at them with hatred and tears falling from my eyes. I couldn’t move, but I eventually left with no word but with hatred for them.

nysc-coppersWe graduated, though Bisi never attended the convocation ceremony. After my service year (NYSC) I traveled abroad to settle down. As God would have it, over there, I met the man that brought happiness again to my once hating heart. Now, I’m married with two wonderful kids and we’re all doing super well. However, I still don’t know if I could forgive Bisi, although my husband, Joseph, has advised me to, but one thing is sure, both of them, especially Bisi have betrayed my trust.

Lesson learnt. Be careful of how much you share with friends about your relationships, not all friends can be trusted.

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Thanks for your time.

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