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Good day everyone. Welcome to the beginning of another working week. Hope you had a great weekend. I know Monday’s are always busy, but just spare some time to read this, as I continue my series – Learning Leads (anyway, it’s not going anywhere). Do enjoy!

Continuing from where I stopped last edition: A children’s tale I was told in Primary School, that shows we humans act better and get better result(s), when often when at a bad spot.

599x432px-4ac10157_herewecomeA boy was walking in the heat of the day at midday in a village, when all of a sudden, a loose multitude of bulls were heading his way. In panic, it didn’t occur to him he could run left or right. Instead, he ran forward. This 5foot young boy ran as fast as or even faster than Usain Bolt. As he continued his race, ahead of him was a very wide and long gap in the road. This gap separated his village from another. If he jumped over, he’ll be safe. So he thought, “How will I jump over this?” He had never been to the Olympics or trained as an athlete, neither was he from Kenya, where they need to learn to run fast because they’re into cattle rearing. Despite his inadequacies (so to speak), the amazing happened. To his surprise, he jumped over the extremely wide gap to the other village. After jumping, he hurriedly entered the first hut he saw open. When the stampede was over, the occupants of the hut, which the boy ran into, walked him to the gap and asked him to jump back. He hilariously replied, “I don’t even know how I got here, let alone jump back.” Let’s go a little further, but looking at an unpleasant true life experience.

Bring-Back-Our-Girls-590x339It’s sad and heart-breaking, every time I think about the abduction of over 200 school girls in Bornu, Chibok, Nigeria, on April 2014. Overtime, I’ve listened to Psychologists who’ve said there are three ways abductees or the kidnapped act when abducted or kidnapped:

  1. The scared-to-stiff faint.
  2. The overwhelmed freeze.
  3. The brave plot their escape and try to carry it out.

Fortunately for some of the Chibok girls abducted, they escaped. It’s been counted to them as bravery, boldness, courage. However, no one can blame the girls who didn’t escape. As a matter of fact, some of them who escaped from the truck they were put in, were re-caught. I can’t even accurately imagine what went going through the minds of those that escaped, before they even escaped. Nevertheless, from that very unfortunate incident, the girls’ who escaped will feel braver as they live on. They’ve learnt or added to their bravery. I don’t wish this happens to anyone, neither I’m I unsympathetic to the plight of the Chibok girls and their families, but I’m stating that many times, the bad we encounter only strengthen us for the ‘rainy day’, because another situation will demand it. However, please note I am by no means saying the best thing to do in a kidnap situation is to escape. No! Rather, pray and be wise. However, I sincerely pray you won’t experience such callosity, in Jesus name.

CycleMoving on, I tell people, “The lessons you forget or don’t put to use come back to teach you.” Life and her activities are incredibly programmed by God, in such a way that when it gives man the opportunity to learn freely and if he doesn’t, life takes it upon itself to help man be better by teaching him from an uncomfortable situation, which is the Hard Way. Man, not a fan of suffering, will do anything to change his status, but as most humans are, when the coast is clear, we forget or don’t put to use what they’ve learnt. Unfortunately for such individual(s), life feels obligated to re-teach him/her. Until man learns his/her lesson(s), the Hard-Way-Learning cycle continues.

The hard-way-learning experience isn’t just aimed at bringing change for the adamant, there’s more to it – another level that’s not crowded. This other level is for people who need to be groomed, prepared, matured for whatever important position they desire to or should attain. These individuals might not necessarily be adamant, rather, most times, they’re being trained for greatness. Obviously, they need to be in a condition void of distractions – pleasure, luxuries, people etc. As I say, “Sometimes, growing takes groaning.” Scripture even says “Jesus learned obedience by the things He suffered.” So, Jesus also learned the hard way, not because He was adamant, but because He needed to learn from an uncomfortable state, for the position who was to attain.

Next edition, which will be this Wednesday (God willing), I’ll be sharing a true story my mom told me and my family, which buttresses my point on maturity. Till then, continue learning and leading, you never know who you’re mentoring. Also, Champions’ Meal’s Designing Competition – LDsqaure (LockDown Designs) begins today. Win a smartphone and Graphics Designing Contract with us. Click here for more details.


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