Champions' Meal 2

Hey guys! There’s a new competition in town. It’s our very own LDsquare (LockDown Designs) – designs that keep your eyes locked on them. This competition will run from Nov. 16th-28th, 2015. Competitors play for a smartphone & Graphics Designing contract with us.

Competition outline:

1. Competitors are to design a better logo than any of the logos we give, which we will post on Monday, 16th November, 2015.

2. All competitors must like  and follow us on Facebook and Twitter (respectively), to be eligible for the competition.

3. Competition kicks off Nov. 16th: Unlimited entries (one from each competitor) will be allowed from Nov. 16th-20th, which are to be posted on our Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. For Twitter, use any of theses hashtags: #LD2, #LDsquare or #LD2. While for Facebook, you post on our page timeline. Entries close on Nov. 20th.

4. Semi-final: Our Creative Team will choose the best 6 logos for the final and announce them on Nov. 23rd.

5. From Nov. 24th-26th, the best 6 design another logo better than their last. The 2 logos with the highest votes on our website enter the finals – people vote, we don’t choose.

6. Voting stops midnight of Nov. 26th and we announce the best 2 on Nov. 27th.

7. The best 2 design a logo different from their previous ones, but having the same concept, theme and/or name of the initial logos we gave. They just have Nov. 27th & 28th to do their winning design.

8. Logo with the highest votes by midnight of Nov. 28th is crowned winner.

9. Winner announced on Nov. 29th.

10. Competition ends.

So fellas, get your skills on!



Kindly drop your thoughts

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