LEARNING LEADS (2nd Edition)

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Hello leaders. Glad you could join me again, as we continue this series. In today’s edition, we’ll be learning why many dislike learning. Grab a pen and paper, we’re going to school!


It’s been proved that if you want to know whether someone has read a book or not, you put some money in the middle of the book. If the person comes to thank you for the money, then you’ll know, he/she read the entire book or to some extent. However, it seems that technique has been found out by readers.

download (1)Nowadays, people love reading magazines, entertainment blogs, gossip blogs, novels, comics etc. No doubt, one learns from these as well, but what’s the volume of worthwhile or life-enhancing things in them? The reading culture has diminished a lot, even among students, that they don’t read anymore, rather, they cheat. My siblings and I were encouraged by our parents to listen to the news and read the Newspaper from a very young age. Sadly so, I didn’t begin till age 16, but when I started, I was greatly enriched. Ever since, I’ve been current in profitable things and whenever I speak, I notice people listene to me with rapt attention. 12-audienceTruth be told, I’ve been successful in almost every ‘silence-grabber’ operation. Silence-grabber, as I call it, is when someone speaks and a pin is heard clearly when it drops, because those listening are focused on the speaker, like they’ve been hypnotized. In short, the speaker grabs the audience’s attention and leaves them silent.

Furthermore, I’ll like to point out that there’s no bad speech that can keep people silent for long. Only good speeches qualify for a successful ‘silence-grabber’ operation. See an example of an unsuccessful ‘silence-grabber’ speech in the video below.

Still on why many dislike learning, I looked at different reasons – poverty mentality, work, purposelessness, pleasure etc. Finally, I came to a conclusion that LAZINESS is what largely abets the dislike for or disinterest in learning. People are lazy to know what’s happening around; lazy to gain more knowledge; lazy to develop themselves – satisfied with being average; lazy to change. However, the truth that stands is, whether or not one is lazy to learn, there are just two ways of learning – the Easy Way and the Hard Way.


  1. Read a good and life-changing book at least once in two months (for beginners, although once a month is the ideal least).
  2. Be current in things happening around the world – things that can profit people positively, so when you speak, you can be successful in the ‘silence-grabber’ operation. Read newspapers, listen to and/or watch the news on radio or TV, probe things (ask questions) etc.
  3. Don’t stop learning, because life never stops teaching – don’t be satisfied with yesterday’s information.

Well, those are the 3 tasks I have for you and I encourage you to work on them. Feel free to add more, but I want you to realize that total change doesn’t come in one day, so don’t rush yourself or feel discouraged if you don’t immediately see the result you want.

So, this is where we draw the curtains today. This Friday, God willing, we’ll see why every man has to learn the Hard Way very often. Till then, keep learning and leading – the world need your knowledge and leadership skills. Thanks for reading.


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