LEARNING LEADS (1st Edition)

Hello and welcome to 1st edition of this series. I’m glad you could join me today. I hope you enjoy every second of this read. Let’s begin, shall we?

The-benefits-of-homebirth-sl1The moment we’re all born, there’s nothing we’re associated with (that’s time-related), other than the present and future. A second after our birth, we have a third associate – the past. As we age, our ‘past’ is the longest trail of events we’ve ever had. The ‘present’ remains a constant friend. The future, most times, is ‘unpredictable as the British weather’. Yet, what do all these ‘time machines’ have in common? It’s LEARNING. We learn from the past and present and for the future. This is one thing no creature on earth can escape.

steinmetz_silence_050912_620pxLearning is transmitted through the different time machines, beginning with the past. The present, being at the center of the two time machines, demands a lot from the individual, in terms of learning what can be learnt now, from his/her past and/or present, to plan for the present and future. Hence, learning shouldn’t be reduced but rapidly increased. Just as the past was once the present, the old also was the new, and when the new becomes the old, it rusts – fades out. Old knowledge is accepted and useful, but new knowledge is a ‘silence grabber’ – you leave people’s ears open to something(s) they don’t know or don’t have the full information about. Old knowledge can also become new when it’s added to. New knowledge can avoid going rusty when also added to.

I believe some reading this, if not most, have experienced being at a place where a relevant discussion is brought up and everyone at the venue (except you) is involved in the discussion. Yeah. That feeling of being left out starts to kick in – embarrassed you can’t join the discussion. That’s how it should feel when we baggage old knowledge – we should feel left out. Everything is in time, and “Time”, they say, “waits for no man”. Information once dropped doesn’t wait for consumption – it’s done its duty. It’s your duty to use the information.


mindLearning is like eating – you feed on knowledge. We eat mainly to smite hunger. When the meal has gone to the proper organs, you definitely must head for the loo (toilet) that day. Same goes for learning – you feed on knowledge, digest it (meditate) and “pass-out” (share). If the last item in this chain isn’t done, your learning isn’t complete. If you want to lead or to be successful, whatever profitable thing you learn must be communicated. You don’t learn for yourself alone, but for others as well.

Like I said, our main reason for eating is to smite hunger, but that’s just a minor reason. The primary essence of a meal is for nutrition. Nutrients aiding graceful aging, adequate growth, brilliance, agility etc. So also, when we learn, we’re nourished by the nutrients embedded in what we learn, thereby making you feel young (trending with various information), despite your physical age. For instance, whether young, adult or old, you can be on any social media platform. My dad and mom know the popular slangs of the young generation. In one of these editions, we’ll see how absolutely no one has any excuse not to learn.

Well, that’s where we conclude this edition. God willing, I’ll be back on Wednesday, so we can dive into the second edition. Kindly share this, drop your incisive comments, like and what not. Thanks.


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