My hopes were dashed

My heart was struck

My trust was killed

I was beaten and bartered

Experiences of tears and pain

Experiences of joy mixed with sorrow.

I was duped and dumped

My waters were drained until I became a desert

A well with no water, how useless it is for the society

I became deserted and hid my beautiful body in my shell.

My heart was pierced and my love killed and buried.

What good is a pierced heart even to its owner?

A heart full of resentment and vengeance

A hopeless heart

Oh! Oh!! Oh!!! My heart, why have you been pierced?

Why did you let in the arrow?

Where can I run to?

Who will I find to help me treat my heart?

Who will mend my heart and stop the bleeding?

Shall I go to the mountains?

Shall I go into the deepest oceans?

Shall I climb the tallest trees to find you a doctor?

Shall I return to God for a brand new heart?


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