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Hello guys. It’s been a while a posted any article of my own. Well, I’ve been pre-occupied with several other things, which equally are for the greater good of Champions’ Meal. Anyway, I decided to drop this today. As many as want to be encouraged (motivated, inspired and kindle or re-kindle hope), this is for especially.

For two years now, I’ve been propagating the inculcation of World Youth Leadership, joined with a crusade to Correct Youth Indiscipline, majorly through the Champions’ Meal platform. Yes, now, I have several endorsements, likewise Champions’ Meal, but it didn’t start off that way. Running a leadership blog in the part of the world I come from, is very discouraging, because most the young people back here gravitate towards everything entertainment, than leadership – this, I found out a little late.

I was so eager to have a leadership blog that I didn’t consider the risks involved (a mistake I’ve since learnt from). When I noticed I hardly had views, comments, likes etc, I felt discouraged. Why? I hadn’t prepared myself. So, two months down the line, I had to pause Champions’ Meal for 3 grattitude1months, in order to arm myself. During Suit_of_armor_c_1530_steel_Moira_Burke_via_WikimediaCommons.previewthose three months, I picked up a habit I had dropped – reading books. A book I had ‘read’ before – GrATTITUDE by Ace Collins, I decided to not just re-read it, but this time, study it. This involved making notes, answering questions, learning new words and their meanings, research etc. It was through this book I armed myself against any form of discouragement I would face in future, not just regarding my blog. In the book, I was asked to list my challenges and how I’ll face them. I listed the challenge I faced when I began my blog, which I was to face, three months after continuing blogging – sort of a test. So, I faced my demons and overcame them. When I returned to blogging, feedback from people was the same, it looked even worse, but the beautiful thing was, I was forearmed. Ever since, I haven’t been discouraged about whatever stats Champions’ Meal reads and that’s part of what has kept me going – knowing my fears and tackling them, not running away. When I pay little or no attention to the stats, I found out they increased tremendously.

I don’t write to please – I write to touch lives. If I wanted to please, I’d have an entertainment blog/website. I thank God I didn’t give up. If I did, today, I won’t be the youngest Leadership Blogger in Nigeria and Champions’ Meal won’t be one of today’s fast rising leadership blogs in the world, or an adjudged “Home for leaders and wannabe leaders”, or will we have received numerous endorsements and recommendations from prestigious organisations and notable individuals.

So, having mentioned all these, I just want to tell YOU reading this, “Don’t EVER give up on whatever good thing you’re doing – no dream is too small to pursue”. Understand this: If it weren’t valuable, it won’t cost you a whole lot – your all.


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