Champions' Meal sponsors CMTV

Today, we received an incredible offer. Africa’s 1st Leadership TV – CMTV, a few hours after posting about them today, asked us to support her by joining her list of sponsors. After thorough consideration, we finally AGREED. We’re now one of CMTVs sponsors. We’re excited, because our passion and mission, as well as theirs are quite alike!

The saying, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”, is actually apt here. We encourage you to stnd for (support) CMTV in whatever way (selfies e.g I support CMTV), tell friends, use their logo as your DPs etc.We enjoin you to Stand for CMTV, not because we’re or because we’re obligated to advertise for CMTV. Not at all. It’s just when you see something good, just appreciate and/or support it, like when you a nice ride and you say “Nice”, “Wow” or “Sweet”.

We’re just being real.

God bless.


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