Africa’s 1st Leadership TV is coming SOON!

CMTV Logo with slogan

This is INCREDIBLE! The very 1st of its kind in the whole of AFRICA – a TV solely for leadership, youth leadership at that. CMTV is coming to screen this August (24th). They’re Prepping Leaders of Tomorrow Today.

A variety of programs for young minds, to prepare them for leadership, as Leaders of Tomorrow. This is the 1st TV in Africa that’ll move close to youths and speak to them the way they’ll understand. It’s run by a group of African teens and youths. So, who better to communicate with youths, than youths?

Brilliantly, CMTV has met youths on two platforms they’re addicted or attached to, which are social media and TV. So, as parents or guardians do there job at home as guardians, CMTV assists, even beyond the home.

We #ANTICIPATE this INCREDIBLE initiative and offer our support.

For further inquiries, call the number +2348060298819 (between 9am&3pm strictly – CAT, or send an SMS) or send an email to You can also like CMTV on Facebook and follow on TwitterInstagram, to get updates and information leading to the official opening of CMTV.


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