Shaggy and Scooby

Hi there. Welcome to Champions’Meal (CM). Today, as usual, we develop ourselves, even as we find out who or what the two best buds of a great leader are. So, lets find out.

There are two major parts of the body, that if severely damaged, man is considered useless or dead. And they’re the heart heart and brain brain. Both internal, yet largely influence our external parts. The heart – internal – gives life, which aids mobility – external, for example. The brain – internal – processes the calculation of movement of all body parts – external. Amazing, isn’t it (i.e the internal influencing the external)? I found this so amazing that I asked myself: What makes the heart and brain privileged to influence man’s external parts, as well as his internal parts? What gives them the right? Questionm mark Don’t my questions seem rhetorical? I know, they do. But guess what? There’s something more that makes the heart and brain privileged to be vital life agents, besides their already known great potentials. Uncovering who the “Two Best Buds of A Great Leader” are would provide us an answer.

October 26th – December 26th, 2013, I went on what I coined a “3 Month Attention Plan”. It was time find my purpose in life, to mature and be forthright in life. No doubt, I was and still am a highly ambitious person, but then I lacked the maturity and responsibility to handle my dreams. So, I decided not to continue life as usual. I took drastic steps like getting off some social media platforms I was active on, including my blog, during those three months. Then I began creating a new me online. Sincerely, it wasn’t easy exiting a life I was accustomed to, so as to embrace one alien to me. Nevertheless, I was determined by all means to try a new way. So, for the first time in my life, I made decisive decisions. And when I concluded my “Attention plan”, I was glad I took the bold step I did and not for one second have I regretted it.

During those three months, my principles were defined – anything I wasn’t going to do in the open, I wasn’t going to do in secret. I knew if I really desired to be a great leader/champion, one I Enthusiasm (not just others) would be proud of, I had to makes friends with pledge ENTHUSIASM and INTEGRITY. I enthusiastically chased change and I set principles for all-round integrity. And having tested it, I came to the conclusion that if a leader desires greatness, he/she ought to make friends with ENTHUSIASM and INTEGRITY, because they’re the “Two Best Buds of A Great Leader”. Why are they, you ask? Simple put: “Strength from within can topple any goliath” (Raphael Olufisayo Champion – ROC). ENTHUSIASM is from Dr._Strangelove_-_The_War_Room within – once you’re motivated, encouraged within, you keep going no matter what. INTEGRITY is also from within – it’s an internal (conscious) determination to remain steady. What plays out on the war front is credited to what went down in the war room. And that’s what makes the heart and brain privileged to be vital life agents – their positioning internally. They do a great deal of internal work, which is then executed externally. For example, when brilliant things are said and the applause come, those words were first processed internally via in the brain. And that’s the beautiful thing about operating internally; no one knows what work is underway till it’s manifestation, to the amazement of men.

ENTHUSIASM and INTEGRITY have vital roles: ENTHUSIASM keeps you going. And INTEGRITY keeps you in check. And when ENTHUSIASM and INTEGRITY are absent in leadership, that SHIP will soon capsize; it’s only a matter of time.

I see you being a great leader, having these two as your best buds. Just remember, strength from within can topple any goliath. Greatness is from within. Till we meet again on Champions’Meal (CM), it’s bye for now.


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