A Poem
By D’DonRafael

Champion, a word that denotes authority.
An attitude responsibility beckons.
Who acquires this crown?
Who qualifies?
A soldier born and bred to fight.

Wisdom, he applies.
Affection for his subjects, he delights.
Tears roll down, beholding them in pain.
When joy returns, he broadens his mouth.
O Wisdom, how great you rule!
Tyranny is obsolete in you.

Your everlasting reign, we pray.
Our allegiance, we pledge.
Though trials request a dirge.
A champion, you’re.
A leader, you’re.
True to your word.

At ease, we stand.
We kneel.
We bow.
Thus, we proclaim thee king.
We’ve witnessed thy falls.
We’ve accompanied thee to rise.

Your faith is strong.
Mighty as Samson’s bones.
You teach in wisdom.
Yea, you do.
Nations request to learn from you.
As Queen Sheba did Solomon.


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